2015/07/20 - Apache Deltacloud has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Setting up a developement environment

Installing dependencies

First, you will need all the installation dependencies for Deltacloud. Follow the steps in Install Deltacloud section to get these dependencies.

Getting the sources

The Deltacloud repository is hosted at the Apache Software Foundation, using the Git version control system. If you don’t have Git already, use the yum or apt package managers:

$ sudo yum install git


$ sudo apt-get install git

The canonical Deltacloud repository is located at https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/deltacloud.git with read-only mirrors at git://git.apache.org/deltacloud.git and git://github.com/apache/deltacloud.

Go to your root directory and run git to get the latest version of Deltacloud source code from git repository. You can also use a different directory, but remember, where you clone the code:

$ git clone git://git.apache.org/deltacloud.git

This will pull the latest version to the directory ~/deltacloud.

Development dependencies

Apart from installation dependecies, you have to install some additional libraries, in order to develop for Deltacloud. The Deltacloud source includes a Gemfile: /path/to/deltacloud/server/Gemfile, which lists these development dependencies.

You can easily get all the development dependecies with Bundler:

Install Bundler (if you don't have it yet):

$ gem install bundler

Then, get the required dependencies:

$ cd /path/to/deltacloud/server
$ bundle

Building from source and installing the Deltacloud gem

Build and install the Deltacloud server gem:

$ cd path/to/DeltacloudProject/deltacloud/server
$ rake package
$ gem install pkg/deltacloud-core-<version>.gem

Then install the Deltacloud client gem:

$ cd path/to/DeltacloudProject/deltacloud/client
$ rake package
$ gem install pkg/deltacloud-client-<version>.gem